Scrap Fork Lift Trucks Service in Leigh by Calderbanks Metals

In the heart of Leigh, Calderbanks Metals offers a standout Scrap Fork Lift Trucks service. Established over a hundred years ago and currently owned by the fourth-generation owner David Calderbank, this family business has become a trusted name in the scrap metal industry.

Scrap Fork Lift Trucks Service in Leigh: The Importance

Leigh businesses, particularly those in manufacturing and engineering, find our service to be indispensable. Why? It’s simple – scrap fork lift trucks are heavy and cumbersome, often difficult to dispose of. Calderbanks Metals provides a comprehensive solution to this issue, allowing for efficient recycling and disposal, all while offering our customers the best possible prices.

Our Services

  1. Scrap Metal Collection
  2. Warehouse and Factory Clearance
  3. Chain Skips for Hire
  4. Scrap Fork Lift Trucks Disposal

As fully approved scrap metal merchants, we are both council approved and licensed by the environment agency. This means our customers can confidently and legally recycle their scrap metal at our facility.

Our Scrap Fork Lift Trucks service in Leigh is just part of our larger offering. We also provide warehouse and factory clearance for large companies, and have a range of chain skips for hire. All these we do while ensuring we source our markets efficiently, thus offering the best prices possible to our valued customers.

Generations of Excellence

Calderbanks Metals Ltd has been in operation since 1896, getting its start as Joseph Calderbanks Ltd. David Calderbank, the current owner, has managed the business since 1981, carrying on a legacy of excellence and commitment to customer service. His three sons stand poised to take over in the future, ensuring the Calderbank name continues to be synonymous with top-tier scrap metal services.

Choose Calderbanks Metals for Your Scrap Fork Lift Trucks Service in Leigh

Whether you’re a large company needing factory clearance or an individual with scrap metal to recycle, Calderbanks Metals has the experience and capability to handle your needs. Choose us for your Scrap Fork Lift Trucks service in Leigh, and experience the difference a century-old commitment to customer service makes.