Scrap Fork Lift Trucks in Skelmersdale – Superior Service by Calderbanks Metals

Experience the best scrap Fork Lift Trucks service in Skelmersdale provided by the renowned Calderbanks Metals Ltd. With over a century of expertise, we cater to your specific needs efficiently and responsibly.

Unparalleled Scrap Fork Lift Trucks Service in Skelmersdale

Calderbanks Metals Ltd, a fourth-generation family business, has consistently provided reliable services throughout its existence. We pride ourselves on our fully approved status as scrap metal merchants which has been earned through adherence to strict environmental regulations and municipal standards.

Our services extend beyond the boundaries of our base in Lancashire. We serve diverse areas, including Skelmersdale, where we offer our specialised Scrap Fork Lift Trucks service. We understand the needs of large corporations and are equipped to handle warehouse and factory clearances for manufacturing and engineering firms.

  • Collection service
  • Warehouse and factory clearances
  • Scrap Fork Lift Trucks
  • Chain skips for hire

Our team of experts is trained to handle scrap Fork Lift Trucks in Skelmersdale, ensuring that your discarded machinery is dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. By streamlining our markets, we are able to offer our customers the best possible prices.

At Calderbanks Metals Ltd, we also provide a range of chain skips for hire. This service is designed to cater to your needs, whether you are dealing with a small project or a large-scale operation.

David Calderbank, a fourth-generation owner, has successfully propelled the company from 1981. His three sons are poised to carry on the family tradition of exceptional service delivery in the future.

  1. Fourth-generation family business
  2. Approved and licensed by the environment agency
  3. Efficient market sourcing
  4. Exceptional service delivery

With our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility, you can trust Calderbanks Metals Ltd for your Scrap Fork Lift Trucks service in Skelmersdale.