Scrap Collection in Hindley: Calderbanks Metals’ Expertise

When it comes to scrap collection in Hindley, Calderbanks Metals Ltd is the premier service provider. This family-owned business is rooted in a rich history that spans over a century, making it a trusted name in the industry.

Understanding the Scrap Collection Service in Hindley

Calderbanks Metals offers an efficient scrap metal recycling service, which is both council approved and licensed by the environment agency. Customers can easily bring their scrap metal to the Calderbanks Metals site for safe and efficient recycling. Alternatively, the company provides a comprehensive collection service that encompasses warehouse and factory clearance.

This service is particularly beneficial for large companies such as manufacturing and engineering firms. The company also offers chain skips for hire, making it easier for businesses to manage their scrap metal. By sourcing its markets efficiently, Calderbanks Metals is able to offer its customers the best prices possible.

  1. Visit the Calderbanks Metals site for immediate recycling
  2. Opt for the convenient collection service
  3. Hire chain skips for easy scrap management

The company, based in Lancashire, is owned by fourth-generation owner David Calderbank. Established in 1896, Calderbanks Metals was initially known as Joseph Calderbanks Ltd. David took over the business in 1981 and is now preparing his three sons to take on the fifth generation in the future.

  • Established in 1896
  • Fourth-generation family-owned business
  • Future plans to pass on to the fifth generation

When it comes to scrap collection in Hindley, Calderbanks Metals is committed to offering unparalleled service, thanks to its century-old expertise and commitment to the environment.

In conclusion, for reliable and efficient scrap collection in Hindley, Calderbanks Metals is the go-to service provider. With its rich history, family-owned values, and commitment to the environment, Calderbanks Metals is a trusted name in the scrap metal industry.