Recycle Fork Lift Trucks in Tyldesley with Calderbanks Metals

Experience top-notch Recycle Fork Lift Trucks service in Tyldesley with Calderbanks Metals. Established in 1896, Calderbanks Metals has built a reputable business with strong family ties. The fourth generation owner, David Calderbank, continues to uphold the company’s long-standing tradition of providing exceptional scrap metal recycling services.

How Calderbanks Metals Provides Recycle Fork Lift Trucks Service in Tyldesley

At Calderbanks Metals, we take pride in our comprehensive recycling services. These include the recycling of fork lift trucks, an essential service for manufacturing and engineering firms in Tyldesley. We are fully approved by the council and licensed by the environment agency, ensuring the most efficient and environmentally friendly recycling methods.

Our approach to recycling fork lift trucks is methodical. We start by collecting the fork lift trucks from your location. This process is made possible through our collection service that includes warehouse and factory clearance. We also offer chain skips for hire, which can be beneficial for large-scale projects.

  1. We first assess the condition of the fork lift truck to determine the best recycling method.
  2. Then, we dismantle the vehicle, separating the reusable parts from the scrap metal.
  3. The scrap metal is then sorted according to type and processed for recycling.
  4. Finally, the reusable parts are cleaned, repaired if necessary, and prepared for resale.

Our meticulous process ensures the maximum value is extracted from each fork lift truck, benefiting both our customers and the environment.

Moreover, Calderbanks Metals’ commitment to efficiency leads to offering our customers the best possible pricing, making us a top choice for companies in Tyldesley looking to recycle their fork lift trucks.

Why Choose Calderbanks Metals in Tyldesley?

  • We are a family-owned business with over a century of experience in the scrap metal industry.
  • We are fully approved by the council and licensed by the environment agency.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of services, including the recycling of fork lift trucks.
  • We provide a convenient collection service, including warehouse and factory clearance.
  • We offer competitive pricing for our services.

When you choose Calderbanks Metals, you are choosing a company with a rich history, a commitment to excellent service, and a dedication to sustainable practices.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable Recycle Fork Lift Trucks service in Tyldesley, Calderbanks Metals is your best option. With our extensive experience, customer-oriented service, and commitment to sustainability, we promise to deliver the best possible results for your recycling needs.