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Copper Scrap Dealer in Wigan

Copper Scrap Dealer in Wigan, Offering the highest Price for Your Scrap

For a copper scrap dealer in Wigan, we can assist. Now, we buy all kinds of scrap metals from our customers at the best of market prices. We’ll even collect it for you on a regular schedule if your company generates a lot of scrap metal. We can also arrange for skips on site for demolition and large clear out projects. Our pay outs are based on market prices, which do fluctuate. Of all the metals we buy for recycling, copper brings our customers the highest price. Copper is in high demand because it’s heavily used in the electronic industry. That means there is copper in space ships, cars, your cell phone, the washing machine and fitness equipment and that’s just to name a few.

Copper is also used in building mechanicals including the plumbing in old buildings. In Wigan, copper scrap dealer We buy copper from legitimate sources only. You will find copper in underground cables and in those overhead. Extracting the copper may have to be done with tweezers when removing from electronic devices. Or thick copper containing cables may need the insulation covering stripped off. We pay more for clean copper than we do if it’s still part of the original product. The interesting thing is that valuable scrap copper can be all around you and you might not notice it. It’s ability to conduct electricity means it finds a home in small quantities in small products like thermostats and computers.

As your copper scrap dealer in Wigan, we know that copper can be difficult to find even for the dedicated scrap collectors. Here are a few tips that may help you out. Second hand shops, estate sales and antique dealers may stock items that were once made from copper like cookware, serving plates and home decor items. Old houses often still have the original copper plumbing or copper roof flashings so you can ask for it from the owner, plumber or roofer when they are remodelling. Car parts get scrapped and you can find them in old auto yards for cheap and remove the copper to add to your stash. Appliances like old air conditioners may contain copper that is more valuable than the appliance itself. Contact Calderbanks Metals for the best prices around. It is a great way to make a little side money and all you have to do is be observant.