Scrap Metal Dealer in Orrell: Calderbanks Metals

Experience the best scrap metal dealer in Orrell with Calderbanks Metals. Our Company, established in 1896, is renowned for its exceptional services and customer-centric approach.

Quality and Trustworthiness of our Scrap Metal Dealer in Orrell

As a fourth-generation family business, Calderbanks Metals has a rich history and a solid reputation in the industry. Overseeing the operations is David Calderbank, who took charge in 1981. He plans to pass the baton to his three sons, ensuring a seamless transition to the fifth generation.

Calderbanks Metals is not your average scrap metal dealer. We are council-approved and licensed by the environment agency. This means our operations adhere to strict regulations, affirming our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

We hold ourselves to high standards, offering consistently reliable services. This includes a prompt and efficient collection service, warehouse and factory clearance for larger companies such as manufacturing and engineering firms, and the rental of chain skips.

  1. Efficient recycling of scrap metal
  2. Convenient collection service
  3. Comprehensive warehouse and factory clearance
  4. Chain skips for hire

Our approach is customer-focused. We believe in offering the best prices to our clients, and we achieve this by sourcing our markets efficiently.

  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • We offer competitive prices for scrap metal
  • Our services are efficient and reliable

Although our headquarters are in Lancashire, our services as a scrap metal dealer extend to Orrell and beyond. We are proud to serve a wide range of customers, from individuals to large corporations.

Trust Calderbanks Metals to be your scrap metal dealer in Orrell. We’re here to offer a seamless, efficient and profitable scrap metal recycling experience.