Efficient Scrap Collection in Orrell: Calderbank Metals Ltd

Discover the efficiency of Scrap Collection in Orrell by none other than Calderbank Metals Ltd. This family-run business, now under the fourth generation stewardship of David Calderbank, has been providing top-tier services as scrap metal merchants since 1896.

A Century-Old Legacy

Calderbank Metals Ltd was originally known as Joseph Calderbanks Ltd. The company has been in the Calderbank family for over a century, since 1896. David Calderbank took over in 1981 and now, his three sons are poised to carry forward the legacy into the fifth generation.

Scrap Collection in Orrell

Our Scrap Collection in Orrell service is a core offering of Calderbank Metals Ltd. We provide a comprehensive scrap metal collection service that includes warehouse and factory clearance for large companies such as manufacturing firms and engineering firms. This offering is especially vital due to our efficient sourcing markets which enable us to offer our customers the most competitive prices possible.

  • Environment Agency Licensed
  • Council Approved
  • Efficient and Convenient Collection Service
  • Best Prices Offered

Additional Services

Apart from Scrap Collection in Orrell, Calderbank Metals Ltd also offers a range of chain skips for hire, allowing for efficient recycling of scrap metal. This is particularly beneficial for our customers who visit our site, based in Lancashire, to recycle their scrap metal.

  1. Scrap Collection
  2. Warehouse and Factory Clearance
  3. Chain Skips for Hire
  4. Recycling Services

Future of Calderbank Metals Ltd

While Scrap Collection in Orrell remains a core service, the future of Calderbank Metals Ltd is set to expand under the next generation. With the fifth generation of Calderbanks ready to take the helm in the future, the company is poised for further growth and expansion.

So for all your scrap collection needs in Orrell, trust the century-old, family-run Calderbank Metals Ltd for top-notch service and the best prices.