Efficient Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge: A Service by Calderbank Metals Ltd

Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge is a specialty service provided by Calderbank Metals Ltd, a fourth-generation family business that has been reliably serving its customers for over a century. This article delves into the details of the scrap collection service in Appley Bridge, its benefits, and why Calderbank Metals Ltd is a trusted provider.

Understanding Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge

Scrap collection is an integral part of waste management and contributes significantly to the recycling process. Calderbank Metals Ltd takes this responsibility seriously, providing efficient scrap collection in Appley Bridge. The service includes warehouse and factory clearances for large companies such as manufacturing and engineering firms.

Why Choose Calderbank Metals for Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge?

  1. Expertise: Calderbank Metals Ltd has over a century’s worth of experience in the scrap metal industry, ensuring competent, professional service.
  2. Approval: The company is both council approved and licensed by the environment agency, guaranteeing compliance with all legal and environmental standards.
  3. Efficient Processes: Calderbank Metals Ltd prides itself on its efficient market sourcing, which allows them to offer customers the best prices possible for Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge.

Additional Services

Beyond Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge, Calderbank Metals Ltd also offers a range of chain skips for hire. This service further enhances the company’s waste management capabilities.

The Future of Calderbank Metals Ltd

Under the stewardship of David Calderbank, the company continues to thrive. David’s three sons are poised to take the business into its fifth generation, ensuring the continued provision of the best Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge.

  • Continued family ownership ensures personalized service.
  • The family tradition of excellence is set to continue into the next generation.
  • Calderbank Metals Ltd is committed to maintaining its high standards in the future.


For reliable, efficient Scrap Collection in Appley Bridge, Calderbank Metals Ltd is the trusted provider. With over a century of experience, council approval, and a commitment to offering the best prices, Calderbank Metals Ltd is the perfect choice for all your scrap collection needs.