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Scrap Metal Prices in Ormskirk Are you looking for top scrap metal prices in Ormskirk? Partner with Calderbanks Metals Ltd for reliable and dependable pricing. We are a fourth-generation legacy business that was established more than a century ago. Today, the next generation is waiting in the wings to take over. Our business is fully council approved and licensed by the Environment Agency as approved scrap merchants. We welcome customers to visit our recycling site and see the processes for themselves. If you require collection services, warehouse or factory clearance services or skip hire, we are glad to be of assistance.

For our customers in Ormskirk, scrap metal prices are fully in compliance with national and international rates. These prices fluctuate up and down constantly. We ensure that we keep in touch with the current rates. This allows us to give our customers the best rates. Scrap metal rates change constantly according to demand and supply, and accessibility of the metal. Prices in this country are governed by those prevailing across global markets, and vary from day to day. They may also change dramatically in the course of a single day. Residential and commercial clients may have huge amounts of metal lying unused and forgotten on their premises. This is a great source of extra income for businesses and for individuals. Turning your trash into cash also helps to protect the environment.

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can help you get the right scrap metal prices in Ormskirk. No matter how large or small the quantity, we’ll take it off your hands for the right price. Scrap metals can be categorised as ferrous or non-ferrous. Generally, non-ferrous metals fetch better prices as they are more rare and valuable. Copper is to be found in electrical appliances and wiring, piping and plumbing works and also in old vessels and artifacts. Brass is another valuable non-ferrous metal to be found in old trophies, candlesticks, name-plates, fittings and hinges, ornamental pieces, door handles and bed frames. Contact Calderbanks Metals Ltd and find out how we can assist you. You can also earn a tidy sum from aluminium scrap found in cans, computers and gaming consoles, car parts, bicycle frames or kitchen utensils.

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Upon Government guidance, all three of our yards in Wigan, Standish, and Southport are to remain open during the UK lockdown. Sites are following social distancing measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Opening times remain the same. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our sites:

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