Scrap Metal Dealer Services in Appley Bridge by Calderbanks Metals

When it comes to scrap metal dealer services in Appley Bridge, Calderbanks Metals stands out as an industry leader. With a history spanning over a century, the company offers efficient and reliable services to both individuals and businesses.

Unmatched Scrap Metal Dealer Services in Appley Bridge

Calderbanks Metals operates in Appley Bridge, offering a range of scrap metal dealer services. The company is fully approved by both the council and the environment agency, assuring clients of its commitment to safe and legal operations.

The company offers a collection service, which includes warehouse and factory clearance for large firms, such as manufacturing and engineering firms. This service is designed to help businesses manage their scrap metal waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

Moreover, Calderbanks Metals also provides chain skips for hire. By sourcing their markets effectively, they are able to offer their customers the best prices possible.

  1. Collection service for large firms
  2. Chain skips for hire

Calderbanks Metals operates under the leadership of David Calderbank, a fourth-generation owner who has been steering the company since 1981. He leads with a vision for the future, with plans for his three sons to carry on the legacy of the business into its fifth generation.

  • Fourth-generation family-owned business
  • Over a century of industry experience
  • Commitment to future growth and sustainability

Calderbanks Metals has a rich history, founded in 1896 as Joseph Calderbanks Ltd. The company has grown and evolved over the decades, adapting to changes in the industry and the environment to continue providing top-notch services.

Despite being based in Lancashire, the company has made a significant impact in Appley Bridge. They remain committed to offering exceptional scrap metal dealer services in the area, contributing to a greener environment and a more sustainable future.