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Scrap Metal Dealer in Skelmersdale

Scrap Metal Dealer in SkelmersdaleYour scrap metal dealer in Skelmersdale, Calderbank Metals Ltd, has the price for metals you’ve been waiting for. We pay immediately for ferrous and nonferrous metals. We are a council approved scrap metal merchant and licensed by the environmental agency. After we collect your metal you recycle it to markets in both the UK and other European markets; whomever is paying the best price at the time. We have had a hundred years to practice this since our business was established so we’ve got the technique of finding the best market. That’s why we can pay our customers the best possible price. Our services include commercial and industrial clear outs with free collection. We’ll be glad to come out and give you an estimate based on the amount of scrap metal you have.

Perhaps your business ends up with scrap metal on a regular basis. If so, in Skelmersdale, scrap metal dealer, Calderbank Metals can deliver and retrieve skips to your place of business and pay the going rate. It’s one more item on your income column. Help us help the environment. As a licensed environmental agency you can be sure we closely follow all health and safety regulations when we recycle your scrap metal. Put the kids to work gathering scrap metal they find on their travels throughout the community. Just tell them to ask before removing it from private property. They’ll have that new video game in no time. A scrap metal drive is a great fundraiser too for schools, clubs and charities.

Calderbank Metals, scrap metal dealer in Skelmersdale, is a familiar name throughout the area and within the industry. We have a large easily accessible site for drop offs. We’re proud of the work we do because we can support our families, recycle, save metals for reuse and help customers manage their scrap metals. In quantities small or large they make money for themselves at the same time. Everybody wins. Contact Calderbank Metals at either of our locations; Wigan or Southport. We’re glad to answer questions about daily prices, skip hire, collection services and drop offs. Our company has stayed in business so long by offering friendly customer services and fair prices.