Scrap Collection in Platt Bridge

Scrap Collection in Wigan

Scrap Collection in WiganOur scrap collection in Wigan is the fastest and most profitable way to turn your trash into cash. The scrap metal industry is one of the fastest-growing recycling businesses in the world today. Here at Calderbank Metals Ltd, we have a hundred years’ experience in this sector. As fourth generation owners, there’s very little we don’t know about this business. We have earned an enviable reputation in the Wigan and Greater Manchester areas for top prices, excellent services and a customer-focused approach. Our services include metal collection, skip services and scrap metal recycling. We recycle a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for clients across the North West. Instead of discarding metals like iron, aluminium, brass, copper, lead, and steel as useless junk, you can exchange them for good money. You also do your part in protecting the environment by ensuring that metals don’t end up in landfills that pollute the earth.

A look around your property could yield great results in terms of scrap. Old appliances, garden equipment, machine parts, mementos, car parts, bicycles and other stuff can use up valuable space in your attic and garage. In Wigan, scrap collection services from Calderbank Metals can also help you if your business generates large amounts of scrap metal. The most important aspect of getting a good price for your scrap is to find the right dealer. A well-established scrap merchant, with extensive experience in the business, convenient collection services and good payment terms is the right choice. In England and Wales, scrap merchants should hold a valid site or mobile collector’s license. They are responsible to the local authorities and to the Environment Agency.

Genuine service-providers for scrap collection in Wigan must have a copy of their licenses prominently displayed in their premises. It is not legal for collectors to pay cash directly to sellers. Payment should be in the form of electronic transfers or non-transferable cheques. To find out more about our scrap collection services, contact Calderbank Metals Ltd.  We are committed to providing an excellent service to all our customers.