Scrap Metal Prices in Standish

Scrap Collection in Leigh

Scrap Collection in LeighOur family has owned and operated Calderbank Metals Ltd, and provided a service for scrap collection in Leigh for decades. Our aim is to deliver service to our customers without a lot of restrictions. Our recycling centre is set up so we can accept all metals, ferrous and non ferrous and something that looks like metal. Our huge sorting machine makes short work of the sorting process so you don’t have to. There is no guesswork involved in the price paid for your metals because the technology available to us separates it out and weighs it. We pay fair market price for all your metals and since the price fluctuates you might want to call us and check the price of the metals you’re bringing in. Bring it all in and we can do all that for you if you prefer.

We operate our own licenced waste carriers to provide pick up service for our commercial customers. For our customers in Leigh, scrap collection is simplified with one of our skips placed on site. We can determine a pick up schedule that works according to the amount of scrap collected periodically. There is no charge for these services. We want your scrap metal and we’re glad to supply the service. For one off service, remember to call us for skip hire when you are stripping out an old house, barn, factory, warehouse or commercial building for refurbishment or demolition. It’s always startling to see how much scrap metal comes out of those old places. We pay top prices so you can bet it’s worth your time to recycle the metals. We can also do instant payments.

For scrap collection in Leigh, count on our personal but professional services. We cover a broad area throughout Wigan, Southport and the surrounding area. Check with us if you’re not sure you are within our service area. It’s been estimated that 10 million tonnes of metal scrap is recycled in the UK every year. 10 million tonnes that did not go into a landfill and 10 million tonnes that did not have to be mined from natural resources. Contact us and get on the bandwagon. Our current recycling numbers are impressive but we think we can still do even better.