Scrap Collection in Swinley

Free Scrap Collection in Orrell for Your Peace of Mind

Scrap Collection in Orrell We provide a scrap collection in Orrell of non-ferrous metals. We buy copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, lead and wire. Non-ferrous metals are those metals that contain no iron. We are approved scrap metal specialists licensed by the environmental agency and council approved. We are family owned. We’ve been established since 1896 and are now owned by the fourth generation of Calderbanks. High tech products lean heavily on non-ferrous metals as do their manufacturers. Aluminium is lightweight and copper serves as a primary conductor of energy. The demand for these recycled metals is high. They are found in dozens of products the average person uses every day.

It is cheaper for the manufacturer to use recycled non-ferrous metals and their alloys for the manufacturer of new products. Also in Orrell, scrap collection and recycling of these metals helps save our natural resources. There is no need to extract as much from the land when we have an abundance circulating in the marketplace right now that we can access. We have our own collection service. Call on us when you need a clear out of your warehouse or manufacturing facility. We have skips for hire to assist with the collection of scrap. Our scrap facility is safe for drop off of recyclable metals. We welcome individuals, organisations and businesses who prefer to bring their scrap metal to us.

Scrap collection in Orrell for the purpose of recycling is worth the effort monetarily. We encourage companies and individuals to utilise our facility and services to make the recycling processes as easy as possible for them. We pay top prices to our clients and customers based on market values. Value is determined usually by demand and the demand may fluctuate a little but it rarely diminishes by much. We have the needed equipment for accurate weighing of all individual metals. Cash payouts are not allowed but we can do a same day bank deposit into your account. Contact Calderbanks Metals for free collection of non-ferrous scrap metal. We cover a very broad service area with facilities in Wigan and Southport.