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Scrap Metal Prices in Wigan Choose a scrap metal dealer that offers top scrap metal prices in Wigan for your scrap metal. We are all aware of the many benefits of recycling. While most people partake in the recycling of paper, glass and plastic, recycling scrap metal has also become popular. One of the other benefits of scrap metal recycling is the price one can receive for the value of the scrap. As a registered scrap metal dealer, we pay top prices for your scrap metal. Whether you own a business that produces scrap metal pieces, or someone clearing out his garage, we will be glad to assist you.

We are registered and authorised scrap metal dealers. In Wigan, scrap metal prices are dependent on the type and quantity of the metal. If you have large quantities of scrap metal, we are happy to pay you the current value of the scrap. Bear in mind that some metal fetches a higher price than others. This also depends on the current market. For example, copper will sell for more than aluminium, and brass will fetch a better price than lead. However, as with all markets, scrap metal prices fluctuate regularly. We ensure that you are paid the correct value for your scrap metal when you sell it to us.

Scrap metal prices in Wigan do fluctuate. However, you will still receive a tidy sum when you bring your scrap metal pieces to us. We’ll also pay you immediately for your scrap. We accept any type of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. If you are interested and would like to know more about current scrap metal prices, contact Calderbanks Metals. We can also assist you with a range of other services for your scrap metal. As we are scrap metal merchants with years of experience, our scrap metal recycling services are second to none. We offer a free collection service for your scrap metal. Additionally, we also offer scrap metal skips for hire. Our aim is to provide a professional and personal service to ensure your scrap metal needs are met.

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Upon Government guidance, all three of our yards in Wigan, Standish, and Southport are to remain open during the UK lockdown. Sites are following social distancing measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Opening times remain the same. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our sites:

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