Choose a Registered Scrap Metal Dealer in Wigan for Your Scrap Metal Collection

Scrap Metal Dealer in Wigan Calderbanks Metals is your scrap metal dealer in Wigan with solutions to your scrap metal collection, sale and recycling needs. We make it easy because we take both ferrous and non ferrous metals without the need for you to separate them. We have the equipment and weigh scales to separate the various metals at our facility and accurately weigh each type of metal. We pay top prices based on the current market conditions. Individuals who bring their scrap metal to us appreciate same-day payment. If your business generates scrap metal, we can set an appropriate sized skip on your site and schedule regular pick up service. Count on us for a professional service and appearance. We like to make a good impression.

We always welcome one-off service for clear-outs of domestic or commercial sites. In Wigan, as a scrap metal dealer, we’re equipped to handle the clear out of personal property, industrial and commercial dismantling. Old commercial space is ready to be retrofitted in preparation for its next life when we finish the clear out. Estate agents and home re-modellers, count on us to haul the decades of accumulated appliances, tools, machine parts and more from homes, barns, garages and basements. We’ll bring you the right skip for the job and you can clear out at your leisure. When you’re finished, just call us; we’ll be there to collect the skip and calculate the value for you.

Our company has been a fixture as a scrap metal dealer in Wigan for over 40 years. Our service area is extensive and we don’t charge for any size of scrap collection. We believe in the value of recycling metals for reuse in the manufacture of new products. Recycled raw materials help to keep the cost of producing new products down. There is a lighter carbon footprint left after manufacturing with recycled metals. Usually less energy and natural resources are required to manufacture from recycled metals than newly mined materials. Contact us and let us provide a professional solution to your scrap metal recycling and disposal. We are a fully licensed recycling facility.