Scrap Metal Prices in Shevington

A Professional Scrap Collection in Hindley, an Easy Way to Remove Scrap Metal

Scrap Collection in HindleyA scrap metal collection in Hindley can be a great way to remove all the scrap metal pieces lying on your property. Whether you are a business that generates lots of scrap metal offcuts, or a household doing a clear out, you’ll be pleased to find that we offer an excellent service. As a well-established and registered scrap metal dealer, we offer a range of services to all our clients. We understand the importance of recycling scrap metal responsibly and this is one of the reasons we offer our services.

It doesn’t matter what the size is of your pile of scrap metal. In Hindley, a scrap collection by our team includes any amount of scrap metal. If it is too large or unwieldy to bring it to us, we will arrange a time to collect it from you. Our collection service is free of charge as well, and what is more, we will pay you the true value of the scrap metal. We offer a once off, or regular scrap metal collection from your premises. Speak to our friendly team for more details on how we can assist you. If your business produces significant amounts of scrap metal pieces, it may be worth considering our scrap metal skip hire. This is an easy way to ensure that all the scrap metal offcuts your business produces is collected and stored in one, safe place. This will ensure that the property remains in a neat state, and will alleviate any potential injury to your employees.

A scrap collection in Hindley is an economical way of removing the scrap metal from your property. If you would like more details about our collection services, contact Calderbanks Metals Ltd today. Our family run business, first established in 1896 and continues to provide a professional and efficient service to all our clients. We are fully approved scrap metal merchants and are both council approved and licensed by the environment agency. When you have accumulated a large pile of scrap metal, don’t just throw it away. Contact us and we will arrange a time that is convenient to you to collect the scrap metal.