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Scrap Collection in Southport

Scrap Collection in SouthportFor an efficient scrap collection in Southport, call Calderbank Metals Ltd. If you as an individual, family or company have not been recycling, we have some good reasons for you to consider implementing a recycling programme and using our services. We’ve been in business since 1891. How much scrap metal do you think has been saved from the landfills and repurposed into new products just from our company in 100 years? We don’t know either but it’s enough to keep four generations going in our family business with a fifth waiting in the wings. Our company is a licenced Waste Hauler and licenced by the environmental agency

Saving our natural resources by recycling is always a good reason. Another important reason to recycle with us is, in Southport, a scrap collection pays. We usually pay the highest prices for the scrap you bring to us. In addition to being profitable, we make your recycling of scrap metal easy. We accept ferrous and nonferrous metals and you don’t have to separate it. You can bring it us but if you generate a lot of scrap metal, we can place a skip on your site for scrap metal collection and pick up on a regular schedule or just a one off clean out. We don’t charge you for the convenience of skip placement but we do pay you for the scrap metal.

Scrap collection in Southport is good for the economy and not just the economy of Calderbank Metals. When manufacturers use scrap metal to manufacture new products, the cost to make is cheaper than if newly mined metals are used. Less energy is used in the manufacture of recycled metal products. The price paid by the end user of the new product is cheaper when recycled metals are used. Metal recycling creates jobs all over the country and even the world. Everybody makes money so contact Calderbank Metals Ltd for scrap metal pick up or drop off at our site and get your share of the cash. You get paid for protecting our environment, saving natural resources and helping keep the economy healthy.

Covid-19 Update 😷Calderbanks Metals Ltd

Calderbanks MetalsLtd COVID-19 Notice:

Upon Government guidance, all three of our yards in Wigan, Standish, and Southport are to remain open during the UK lockdown. Sites are following social distancing measures to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Opening times remain the same. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any of our sites:

Standish: 01257424694
Wigan: 01942494738
Southport: 01704540056

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